So This Is Christmas

I feel like no one was truly prepared for Christmas this year and we were all just winging this shit, yes? At any rate, we crammed in as much of our normal traditions as we could and let some others, like Christmas lights and what I serve Christmas morning (THANKS FOR NOT SELLING PANETTONE ANYMORE PANERA) just go by the wayside.

We did Christmas cookies the Sunday before and my brother did his traditional single disgusting cookie. Last year it was the pile of shit cookie and this year? It was what looks like Oscar the Grouch with a giant penis

Decorating cookies with family. Mine (left) vs my brother's (right)

And this picture pretty much sums up our families reaction to this situation

The faces my brother frequently inspires!

Mom is wincing, sister is incredulous, nephew is cackling in glee. Yep. That’s about par.

Christmas Eve means gifts with the fam so we were back over there to share and eat appetizers. Luke refused the tree pic this year (probably should’ve knocked that out in the beginning of the evening instead of the end)
Boys with the tree

but he had a great time opening gifts


and Connor loved the new boxing bag that Gma got him.


He also got a bolt action Nerf shot gun that is SO AMAZING that Sprog desperately wants one of his own. IT EJECTS A SHELL CASING. Ha!

Christmas morning we had french toast made with some cranberry pistachio bread (I’m still bitter, PANERA) and then watched Sprog open his gifts
New stereo (retro style)

He fly. New jacket and matching shoes

and opened the gifts he got for us (we didn’t exchange gifts with each other-things need to stop breaking so we have a real budget again).

Afterwards we waited out the tornado warning (LOVELY) and storms that passed through Pasadena before driving down there for Christmas with the in-laws.



Landen throwing sparks


and I wore one of the things that Sprog got me for Christmas as part of my outfit, the necklace here

Christmas Day outfit

he did good :-)

Oh! And I should also mention before I close out this little recap, that Christmas is the 8th anniversary of our second date. 8 years ago Willy and I went to see Lemony Snicket on Christmas Day and then went to Katz. Two days prior to that was our first date so we celebrated by going to the same restaurant (Empire Cafe) and having a little celebratory date.

8 yrs ago today we had our first date in this restaurant and sat by the window <3

Happy 8 years honey!

More pics in my flickr as usual.

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