the wilds of social media

Out of coffee

That right there is a picture of this morning’s tea from my handy dandy flickr app with the mammoth filter. It usually would be a picture from Instagram with my familiar sierra filter and possibly comments and likes from my friends but Zuckerberg in his ever increasing flexing of douchebaggery, bought Instagram a while ago and back when it happened, I was upset. I knew he would put an ugly FB spin all over it and ruin what is my go-to social media outlet. And for a while the “DAMN GINA, CALM DOWN” naysayers had their day. Things stayed somewhat the same. The app crashes weren’t that frequent.

And then. Twitter and FB, I mean Instagram, decided to no longer play nice, and Instagram images could no longer be displayed in your feed. You had to click back to the Instagram website and even then, those clicks from Twitter? Didn’t always work and on top of that? ALL Instagram images that used to be a part of your Twitter profile? GONE. Only images uploaded through Twitter directly would be displayed. SUCK.

Yesterday the big bomb was dropped. New TOS, that says that Instagram has RIGHTS TO YOU AND YOUR IMAGES after Jan 16th. They can (and will) sell your images to advertisers. FUN. Oh and btw, children and images of children? NOT EXEMPT. So, obvs people are furious. Especially parent type people and professional photographer type people and the exodus is already beginning. But OH WAIT. We have a new HARD LINE over here. Even though we are essentially FB, we aren’t going to play nice with you, if you leave, like we do on FB. If you go? You can NEVER have your same user name, if you decide to come back. YOU will never have access to your images again but oh hey, of you leave AFTER Jan 16th? We can still sell them if we wish.

There is still some doubt as to whether or not being private offers some protections like it does (or did?) on FB but I am going with the ultra cautious no, it doesn’t and likely will be gone from Instagram before the deadline. I don’t tend to use it for my professional images but I don’t want people selling pics of the kids I have taken with my phone or pics I have taken of my son.

I am trying out the flickr app, since I pay for flickr every year anyway, and probably will see what else pops up to fill the void. I also already have Camera+ on my phone.

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