Scarf Swap Time Is Fast Approaching

So, another month is gone again and I should probably do a little update for those of you that follow me here and not on twitter where I run off at the “mouth” every day of the week but today is not that day. Today it’s time to start thinking about scarves, even though my A/C is still running, I’m still having to shave my legs and my boots are getting dusty. Someday soon, PLEASE, it will get cold-ish and I will get to break back into my stock of scarves. I will get to shop for new ones. I will buy one for someone else.

Thankfully, the scarf swap always helps on that last one.

If you haven’t played along before, you can check out these posts for more info: post 1, post 2 and there are more links contained in that first post if you want to read even more.

The swap admin is essentially the same every year:

    You Don’t Have To Be A Blogger To Participate
    You Can E-Mail (e-mail address located under contact me), Tweet Or Comment On This Post To Sign Up
    You MUST Provide Me With An E-Mail Address To Assign Your Match/Allow Correspondence Between You

This is much earlier than I usually post about doing the swap but maybe that will be better? I know a lot of stores have some GORGEOUS scarves out now, so maybe grab one now and if you do, I might be able to match you with a person that is interested in that color or style? Just let me know if you’ve already shopped or plan on pre-shopping and we can sort all that out later.

You have until Monday Dec 31st to sign-up
Matches will be sent out Tuesday Jan 1st

Scarves should be sent to your swap by Friday Jan 18th. Again, the mail out date is a guideline and not a hard and fast rule. I have extended it a little this year (because at least in my world time is FLYING by this year) but if you are ready earlier, please feel free to send it earlier. If you need to send it later, all I ask is that you inform your swap partner so they aren’t left wondering if they were forgotten.

If you have any specific color aversions, preferences, fabric allergies or anything of that sort, please include them in your comment, tweet or e-mail! It just helps your swap partner pick something that you’ll love.

The flickr pool is still there for uploading pictures of your scarves or you can send them to me and I’ll add them, just make sure you let me know that it’s okay to do so.

I look forward to seeing everyone get lovely new scarves!

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