And just like that, a month is gone

I really can’t seem to properly grasp how time works during the year. In the first 9 or so months of the year, time seems to take FOREVER, it just drags and drags. Especially in the crazy horrible heat and grossness we deal with on the regular over here… but September shows up and BAM time goes to PLAID and suddenly I have no idea what day it is, I run out of time to do what I love (HI HALLOWEEN I’M SORRY) and plans I don’t have in the beginning of the year? They all happen at once, it seems.

I didn’t even decorate the inside of my house for Halloween this year and that pains me. IT PAINS ME. I just couldn’t devote the time I needed to get it done properly and if I couldn’t devote the time I wanted, I wasn’t going to do it at all. At least the outside got done and we still carved pumpkins and dressed up

Running errands

Group shot

Me as Elle Driver from Kill Bill

Stuntman Mike from Deathproof

Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction

My “Jack” O Lantern

I’ve also been photo-ing. We did a day at the park with the digital photography kids after a talk on carnivorous plants.

The weekend before Halloween, I ran to Austin to second shoot with Natalie on a wedding and then did a mini shoot with her and her family.

This week I’m off to Az to see my BFF and her wee baby and then immediately turn around and head to New Orleans. BUSY BEE.

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