yes, I’m blogging about the teenager again

If you told me last year that my kid would give two shits about school this year? I would’ve told you to lay off the crack pipe. If you read this blog or my twitter feed regularly or had been around me last year to hear me rant about our battle with him about school you would even be shocked to see him care about school and yet?


There he sat last night ranting for over an hour WITH DIAGRAMS, ON A WHITEBOARD, about how lame it was that other kids in his Architecture Design Class couldn’t grasp the fundamentals of Autocad. AUTOCAD. My son, Mr. Slacker in a beanie who aces his standardized tests but blows off school, is ANNOYED that other kids in his class are slowing down his LEARNING. Can we just pause there a second? Not only is he annoyed about his ability to learn being compromised but he’s so annoyed about it that he’s willing to pull out his PERSONAL WHITEBOARD and show me how much he already knows about the subject. He is pulling himself away from his dedicated Minecraft, Youtube, Facebook and Texting schedule to have a conversation with HIS PARENTS ABOUT SCHOOL.

How I avoided fainting, I’ll never know. Wait, I do know, it was the laughter and the need to take a picture and put it on the internet.

And, AND, he’s in Culinary Arts. CULINARY ARTS, BY CHOICE. Mr. Jack-in-the-Box himself made butter. He MADE BUTTER. He made sweet potato fries. HE MADE THEM AND HE ATE THEM. He ate pineapple mango SALSA. OMFG. He said that if he’s making something himself, of course he’s going to eat it. He’s going to eat REAL FOOD like a normal person. It’s amazing. He came home with burns! He is PROUD OF THEM. You guys, I wanted to cry. Who is this kid?

Of course, he made his “Chef” look like this, he is still Sprog, don’t get it twisted. When we walked into the classroom and looked on the tables for our kid’s “Chef” it was totally easy to pick out his. I laughed. His teacher cracked up when I picked his out from the stack on the table. Like anyone else would do that. Even his construction paper self has a knit cap.

He’s also totally in love with his Economics teacher and LOVES the class. HE LOVES Economics. He has discussions with the teacher about politics and the economy. He watches an online news program every day so he’s abreast of what is going on in the world. THE NEWS. He knows what is going on in the world.

You guys, I can’t even with this kid.

Is it wrong that I wish all y’all could meet him?

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