assumed learning

Now that Sprog is almost an adult (who are we kidding, he acts like an adult, he sounds like an adult, he’s almost graduated…I think we are pretty much there, yes?) it’s dawning on me how many things in life he needs to know how to do, that we all know how to do, that are so commonplace, I forget he needs to be taught how to do them.

Like how to properly get gas in the car: which octane/type of gas you want, swiping your card, entering your pin, knowing how to tell which side the gas tank is on in a car that isn’t yours, etc.

Using an ATM: of course getting cash, but also making a deposit-what do you do if it doesn’t register the amount on your check or if it doesn’t count your cash properly, what other things can you do at an ATM.

How do you renew your license?

What things do you have to go to the county tax accessor’s office/court house for and where is it/how do you find it if you don’t know it off hand?

Using the self-check out at the grocery store.

Making dr’s appts.

Which insurance cards are used where.

What do you have to do to get your car inspected and how often does that happen?

What about your registration?

These are all recent things that have come up and have been things that he’s had questions about so I’ve been taking him with me on every one of these errands and making him do them. I’ve made him do the check deposits at the ATM. Yesterday I took him with me to get my car inspected and explained that it happens once a year (he thought it was like once a month or something HORRORS) so he could witness and understand the whole process. Today we are going to the county tax office to get replacement plates for Willy’s car and the next time registration is due, he’ll be the one handling that errand. He’s been sent to the grocery store with a debit card and a list and he’ll make his next dr appt himself.

I know there is still a ton more he has to learn, the bigger stuff: utilities, rent, car insurance (but he already knows what happens in an accident, HA) and handling his own bank account when he gets his first “real” job (he’s worked at his father’s company before) so lots more big things to come. I just marvel at how many milestones we are crossing at breakneck speed this year. Things that I never even really considered milestones because they just exist everyday all around you, they are just part of life you know?

Beyond all of that, Sprog is enrolled in Culinary Arts this year and already he’s made butter. HE MADE BUTTER. My son, who worships at the shrine of Jack n the Crack (sorry Jack n the Box) has made something with his own two hands! A food product that didn’t come out of a can or microwave, that doesn’t come on a crisping tray or out of a crisping sleeve.


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