North Wales Seeing/Doing

One of the great things we got to do as part of K&D’s wedding celebration was take a ride on the Llangollen Steam Train
gorgeous views through the Cierog Valley (even on a rainy day) and charming old timey railway cars. Definitely recommend.

I’ve already mentioned The River Dee a few times but it runs smack through the center of town so it’s everywhere you are and so gorgeous, take a stroll along it, you won’t be sorry.

If you are feeling up to a hike (NOT KIDDING, IT’S A MOUNTAIN DUVAIN)I implore you to check out Castell Dinas Bran which overlooks the town.
It’s entirely breathtaking.


If you have a car, can catch a cab, take a bus or make the hike to Wrexham, you can check out the Aquaduct, an amazing feat of engineering, and see them work the canal boats across the top (pictured here from Castell Dinas Bran via zoom)

And of course there are many castles to check out, like Ruthin castle

And other stunning views like from Jubilee


We had other things that we wanted to see and do and there are a ton more places I would love to explore in Wales, when we go back, because we WILL go back, but it was a quick trip this time. Tomorrow we head off to Amsterdam!

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