and I would fly 5,000 miles

My body has no idea what day it is, or the proper time. I am speaking in some half-breed form of proper English and regular American with random words like STROOPWAFEL thrown in at weird intervals. I want frittes (fries) at 8:30 in the morning with mayo (YES) and a crisp, perfect glass of Aspall cider to wash them down.

This is the headspace of a whirlwind traveler just returned from Wales by way of Amsterdam, yesterday.

I can not begin to tell you how happy I am that we were able to make this trip. That in the midst of all the stress and drama at home (uninsured drivers hitting my husband’s car, the timing belt stranding Sprog and I, family bullshit) we attended a wedding filled with so much joy, love and crazy (the good kind) that it did my soul good to be there, grinning like mad on the sidelines.

Wales is beautiful in an otherworldly way. In a way that you read about in books or see in movies. It’s ethereal and much like I expect New Zealand to be when we get there some day. Everything is green and lush and rolling and what isn’t? Is old and charming and filled with history. DRIPPING with history.

What it must be like to grow up with that all around you…to have a slip and slide going in a camp ground right next to something like this
Amazing. Simply amazing.

And Amsterdam, is like Bourbon St, at 11 without all the vomit stink but with even more old buildings and teaming masses of humanity + canals, bicycles and Stroopwafels.

I’ll post more in depth info about where we were, what we did, what we ate and all that during the week as well as adding more pics, but for now there are quite a few over in flickr or on FB.

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