let’s get physical (therapy)

It’s been almost 10 visits to physical therapy now, so I figured it was time to bore y’all with an in-depth update on how it’s going.

First, a little update on cost/how this is hitting ye olde pocket book. Insurance has cleared me for 20 visits with a $50 co-pay. We have a flex spending account with the amount of our deductible in it ($500) because we planned on me having my colonoscopy this year (um and last year, neither of which has happened) for my digestive issues. Instead, that money has been going to covering these appts. Originally, I thought it was going to cover my MRI but in the grand wisdom of insurance this year’s MRI didn’t cost me anything, when last year’s MRI cost me $500. I don’t get it. So anyway, I have like 2 more visits before we pay anything more completely out of pocket.

We had a little “State of the Jess” discussion at my last appt because my therapist needs to send an update letter to my PC.

Things I learned in that discussion:

Overall, I’m healing fairly well.
My “pelvic stability” is greatly improved and my hips have remained in alignment for the last two visits so that’s really good but I drop them when I walk so I am working on learning to properly control those muscles now (this is really effing hard, btw)
The original dislocated rib isn’t so much an area of concern even though my back continues with it’s firey escapades more often than not and probably will continue well into the future…over time it should continue to decrease in intensity
I can now feel it when my spine is shifting and pop it back into place myself which is disheartening and strangely liberating at the same time.
The new areas of concern continue to be problematic in that my collarbone (upper most rib on my left side) is out about every other visit (this hurts like hell to get wrestled back in place, btw. it’s a very inconvenient rib location) and my neck is out pretty much every visit. He chalks this up to the fact that I carry every single bit of stress in my shoulders and neck (HI this has been my ENTIRE LIFE) and in his opinion is largely responsible for my headaches. He spends a good portion of the beginning of every appt just trying to release my shoulder muscles and I spend a lot more time at home trying to stretch them out.

I probably would do well to take up yoga again and remove even more sources of stress from my life but unfortunately I am stuck with some of them. I need to figure out some better coping strategies.

I take far less advil, excedrin migraine, insert whatever over the counter pain medication I could get my hands on here, than I have in YEARS since I started this whole thing and honestly I feel like physical therapy is one of the BEST things insurance companies could pay for in regards to the health of their patients. Read $50 is way too high of a co-pay for this to be easily accessible compared to the benefit it provides.

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