slightly less crooked but way more snotty

PT has been going well. At first I went twice a week but after my therapist heard that it’s a $50 co-pay for me every time I go, he immediately wanted to scale it back to once a week and see if I could get by on that and at home exercises. Some of the adjustments are sticking better than others and we’ve had to modify some of the exercises but so far so good. I am working really hard to get this all sorted out and maybe at some point we’ll get to stop futzing with my rib every week.

Mainly it’s just keeping the adjustment in check but I’ve actually had it completely dislocate again, also, since my dog tripped me in the middle of the night and I caught myself poorly.

And overall, it’s been a lot more work on my cervical (neck) spine than I was originally prepared for, which has had the very awesome side effect of me not having near daily migraines. It’s A FREAKING MIRACLE to not be in constant head pain. I have also made adjustments to how I sleep. I am still a side sleeper but I try not to tuck my head and neck down like I used to do and keep it as level as possible. I have a lot less numbness in my shoulders this way, which helps.

Of course my sinus has stepped in to fill that pain void with another infection. I am trying to ignore it (because that is obviously the wisest course) and just treat it with neti pot, drying meds (like mucinex) and my regular allergy meds as I really don’t want yet another round of antibiotics. I also found mold on the A/C register directly over my side of the bed so that’s the most likely culprit. It’s been removed and will be replaced (all others are clean), we’re running the de-humidifer in our bedroom and will watch the new register to see if any mold returns. It’s probably due to a leak we had in the attic recently because of the A/C drain valve.

And in what is surely the most painful decision for me, I’m cutting down on my dairy intake. I don’t know that I can go full vegan yet but I am making conscious decisions to remove it where I can, make dairy-free replacements for things I NEED (like ranch dressing) and just trying not to let myself think about other things (LIKE CHEESE FTLOG) we’ll see if that really has any effect on my inflammation issues.

Hopefully I can resume normal human type stuff on the regular…

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