in a sea of sunflowers

I meant to post these yesterday and obvs that didn’t happen. I got bogged down posting some pics that I took of a friend’s daughter and then hashing out the details of some fabric flower bouquets and boutonnieres that I am making for another friend’s upcoming (SOON VERY SOON) wedding.

So you get them today, copyrighted (almost no thanks to photoshop) even.

Willy and I stumbled across this field of sunflowers over the weekend while heading back home from a whirlwind visit for a friend’s engagement party and I had to hop out of the car and snap some pics. I am so excited with how they turned out. First the sappy stuff

Me and Willy

A Girl and Her Camera
(photo by Willy) (excuse the black bar caused by my haphazard screen shot, there)

And now the real pics

LOVE them!

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