flip flop swap year 2

Hey all, it’s that time of year again, my 7 year anniversary is coming up in 10 days so that means it’s time for this year’s flip flop swap!

Here are some helpful links that pertain to last year’s swap

Post 1

Post 2

In that outfit post, I’m wearing the flip flops I received last year from my fab swap partner Christina. I love them and wear them all the time.

Some quick highlights of how this works:

Everyone who is interested in joining either: 1) responds to this post 2) tweets me @justexpressive or 3) e-mails me at raven dot darkholme at gmail dot com

Please include any color preferences, your shoe size and your contact e-mail in which ever contact method you choose. Once I have that information, I match people at random and send an introduction e-mail between swap partners. From there, y’all exchange shipping addresses and any further preference information (like what flip flops you already have, maybe, to avoid duplications or what flip flops you absolutely hate/can’t wear) or even if you’d rather have a summer sandal instead of a flip flop.

I usually give 10 shopping days after the match e-mail is sent before they are due to be shipped out to give everyone plenty of time.

Once received, I am happy to host photos of your new flip flops here.

Sign-ups start today and will close on Tuesday June 5th

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