a somewhat janky idea of how we live


Willy downloaded an app that allows you to make a floor plan of your house using your iPad. It’s not perfect and I messed with it more yesterday which got the sq footage closer (it’s still not perfect) but somehow messed the guest bathroom up more. When Willy originally measured that he somehow added a small wall that isn’t there so when I calibrated it to actual measurements, I couldn’t remove it so it’s weird now. It’s also not a fan of all the angled openings and half walls we have so those aren’t right either.

If our desktop wasn’t only functioning in safe mode at the moment I could fix all this in photoshop but for now, here’s a general idea of our house.

Starting at the living room, that indent at the front left is the porch. It actually runs the front of the house and is mostly skinny but is larger where it dips in as you can see there.

There is a brick patio straight out the back of the living room and another between the office and kitchen.

The unmarked room that looks CRAZY beyond our master bedroom? That’s our bathroom. That front area is where our sinks are and the other space houses the tub and toilet. The opening connected to our bedroom is on an angle and doesn’t have a door. The separation between the closet area and tub/toilet area is a floor to ceiling wall but it only comes halfway into the space. What shows as a bay window on the plan is a window seat.

Our laundry space is that sliver looking area on the bottom right of the kitchen.

We have crazy high vaulted ceilings in the living room and dining room and slightly lower but still vaulted ceiling in our bedroom, regular flat ceilings everywhere else.

The linen closet is in the guest bath. The area that looks all effed up there in the guest bath is the bump out for the a/c return and filter.

Sprog’s room has another angled wall that won’t show up. It’s right when you walk in the door and it’s the back side of the closet in the office.

We have 15 windows, a sliding glass door and a set of French doors. That’s a crap ton of shitty insulated glass in a hot summer climate and a lot of light for someone who is so light sensitive the majority of the time.

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