it’s a dog’s life

So, our computer exploded last week. Not literally but close enough to it…because as I was in the midst of editing photos it began to crash in such a spectacular and rapid fashion that I had a little emotional break down. It happened multiple times (13 times in fact) so i finally gave up and left it for dead until my husband could deal with it himself. He’s made some changes and *knock on wood* I seem to be back this week.

Over the weekend we were in kid birthday party hell (one jumper place, one party playland place) and I’ll talk about and share photos from that later, but for now, I’d like to talk about cupcakes because what is better than cupcakes? Cupcakes for dogs.

That’s right. Saturday night we tried the recently opened Sprinkles Cupcakes in town (You should know that I remain loyal to Crave at this point, but the dog cupcakes are a slight point in their favor)

and after placing our order I spotted two remaining Doggie Cupcakes and had to bring them home for our girls
because as confirmed by the packaging, doggies love cupcakes too.

And as soon as we got home, before they had even had their dinner, we set about giving them their cupcake, with me photographing it, of course. Now the me photographing it part made the process take QUITE a long time and by the end the girls were RATHER PEEVED about the whole thing because, to be fair, they were WAY too excited in the beginning and it was all one big damn blur but once we got them calmed down

Doggie cupcake
magic happened!

Of course, their magic would be once the cupcake actually made it into their faceholes.
Maddie's turn!


The dogs do indeed love cupcakes too.

What they don’t love? Are the baths they received yesterday.
Not even a little bit.

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