go fly a kite

Saturday was a really windy day and things have been very stressful around here so I had what I thought was a genius idea for some family time and we ran up to Costco to grab some kites, a family pack of fancy popcorn and a gift for my nephew’s b-day party this weekend (but that’s not really relevant to this post) and set off.


Sprog was less than thrilled to be included in this prospect and with no desire of his own to fly a kite, he was tasked with babysitting the dogs.




Can you FEEL the excitement? Maddie (the black dog) was actually in heaven as she loves being outside with every fiber of her being. Mayday (the white dog) HATES the outdoors with a flaming passion because THE BUGS. THE BUGS!! Plus, PEOPLE. So she wanted back in the air conditioning within about a minute.

The intrepid kite fliers didn’t fare much better I’m afraid

even though I was able to get mine up in the air several times without it divebombing to the ground (Willy’s owl kite has a death wish) the wind even though strong was more gusty than sustained and it was just too difficult to keep them in the air so after about an hour and a half of various attempts we gave up (the dogs and Sprog had been released before then) we gave up and went inside to scarf our popcorn.

I still had fun and would do it again and hope to soon since we have our own fancy kites.

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