let’s change the beat

I’m tired of talking about all the various badness that is going wrong around here. TIRED. It’s still going wrong…I’m just OVER IT.

So let’s talk about something else that is consuming me at the moment, okay?

Namely photography. I kinda mentioned it here and I have freaked out about it to various people recently as well as dumped 1001 questions on some other folks that have been kind enough to help me (Natalie, Emily and Maryann to name a few) but back in March I was actually hired by my childhood BFF for a photography job. Initially it was going to be a family portrait shoot but due to weather and scheduling it turned into me following their son/family photo-journalistic style and covering his 2nd birthday for them.

I flew home for the weekend and became fast friends with their little guy and he did an excellent job of tolerating a camera in his face nearly every time he turned around.

My friend, having known me for as long as she has, had sent me some local photographer websites complete with pricing before I went there to go ahead and cut me off before I could balk at being paid AND to stop me from charging some ridiculously low number (AS I WOULD HAVE, I HAVE KNOWN HER FOR 28 YEARS, SHE SHOULD BE FREE!) but it went above and beyond even that when they sat me down to have a very serious talk with me about what they feel about my talent and how I should be doing something with it.

You should know, I don’t do well with these sorts of discussions and this was no exception. In fact I would say that I totally shut down and may have freaked out quite a lot. Even though they are completely amazing and having that level of support and belief in you is beyond, just BEYOND, it was overwhelming (is overwhelming).

I also am not the best with money discussions so when they demanded that they pay me FAR AND ABOVE what had previously been mentioned…well, yeah with the freaking out. Of course, they had expectations with the fee and I have been steadily working on producing a photo book for them. They loved my initial draft so much that they wanted it expanded and as of last week all the edits are agreed on and everything is done and in production. I will also be providing them with a DVD of their images and am having the photobook shipped to me so I can ship it all to them as one cohesive package. (I can also verify the book looks as expected before they see it since I am working with a company I haven’t used before)

Doesn’t that all sound very business-like? Almost as if I am intending on DOING something with this idea?

And, I think we’ve decided that I am.

Willy and I have been talking about how best to set up my website and I have been researching getting my DBA vs LLC.

I have been asked for a while, by various people, if I do family shoots and kid shoots and I have already been at a couple of births and do all of the photos for our nephews/birthdays/christmas/maternity shoot for the SIL/band gigs etc.

So…I’m REALLY NERVOUS and excited and even typing this out to make the initial stages public is making me stressy but you never know where something is going to go unless you try, right?

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