kinda sorta meal planning

During the week I cook nearly every night of the week. Even “Pizza night Monday” I am usually the one popping the frozen pizza in the oven for the boys (note the usually there honey, I know you do it on occasion as well). I have tried and usually have failed to meal plan more times than I can count…because on any given day I can’t tell you what I am going to be in the mood to eat and if I am not in the mood to eat something, I am not going to bother cooking it and I definitely am not going to eat it. The whole cooking two meals (one veg, one meat) every night has taken a lot of joy out of the kitchen for me and honestly I rarely am “in the mood” for anything lately.

This week has seen a sudden change. I am on day three of “planned” meals and when I say planned I totally mean that I plan something in the morning or maybe even the day before and see it through at dinner time. Ish. Pretty exciting stuff.

I moved pizza night to Sunday because the boys were deep in geek building new computers and I didn’t even feel close to wanting food.

Monday I made homemade marinara with some fire roasted tomatoes, boiled up some linguine, roasted some veg and followed it with some homemade strawberry shortcake (I added Meyer lemon zest and some juice to the berries as they macerated)
Homemade strawberry shortcake

Tuesday I was going to use the leftover roasted veg in an Asian stir-fry but during the day I changed my mind and decided I wanted soft tacos. So I made my own tortillas after seeing Elizabeth rave about a recipe on twitter and filled them with black beans, spinach, rice, corn and avocado. The boys had salsa chicken in theirs.
Homemade tortillas

Tonight, I’ll finally use that leftover veg in a stir-fry which I am going to put over the top of some Soba noodles with baby spinach for me and over some rice for the boys. I am either going to serve the boys potstickers or Bao, for their main, not sure which yet…probably will let them choose.

Thursday we’ll be having Tortellini with Field Roast sausage and Friday we’ll be having the chickpea salad melts on homemade bread. If Sprog is home on Friday, he’ll be having a ham and cheese melt.

For lunches so far this week I’ve had left over pasta on slices of homemade bread (with flax added) with cheese melted on the top and some fruit, but I finished the last of the pasta today, so we’ll see what the rest of the week brings as far as lunch.

Not exactly rocket science or high culinary art, but I like that I have been able to cook things from scratch and make easily doctored meals that have worked for all of us.

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