I am here to ruin your diet

I have a lot of Meyer Lemons in my house at the present time (courtesy of one Miss Elizabeth in the wilds of California) and this is fantastic because Sprog and I both LOVE anything lemon. It’s also a problem because I am baking AND EATING all sorts of lemon goodies before they go bad.

Yesterday I made these amazing cookies via Whisk Kid

Meyer Lemon cookies

and just subbed Meyer Lemon for the regular lemon called for in the recipe. I also cooked mine a slight bit under so they aren’t crispy so much as the perfect moist lemony sugar cookie. I can’t stop eating them and neither can Sprog. This means, of course, that I am just going to have to make another batch today. I think this is counterproductive to worrying about bathing suit season and the 80 degree weather we are already in, demanding I get on the shorts bandwagon as well, but LEMON COOKIES.

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