#WYS what week is this again?

I had a whirlwind trip out of town over the weekend. A busy weekend once out of town. Slammed days since being back and some out of control drama to deal with. Yesterday I had no idea what day it was until the trash men showed up (our trash and recycling wasn’t out, obvs) and even then I didn’t believe it until I checked the calendar.

So..here is last week’s rather belated and admittedly half-assed #wys

These jeans are rapidly becoming one of my favorite things. You will see them again and again.

Friday was the day I was on the plane so no actual time for a full outfit shot. These two parts will have to do. I got a ton of compliments on my dress.

Plane wear 3-16-12

The lower portion of the plane wear

and Monday on the return flight I wore the same scarf and sandals to make my life easy

Plane wear 3-19-12
(outfit replicated at home, because again, no time for pics)
(also, see what I mean about the white jeans? LOVE THEM)

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