if only Mr. Darcy was here making the eggs*

Recently I came into possession of a large quantity of Meyer lemons from Elizabeth in California. They are gorgeous


but I have rather a lot of them and I don’t want any of them to go bad before I can use them so I thought I should make some marmalade. I figured it would use all of the fruit and probably rather a lot of it and hey it would be something I have never done before and I am all about doing complicated and probably crazy things.

I can (and have) canned before but it was for apple butter which was a relatively uncomplicated procedure with excellent results…so I’ve got the canning bit down at least but the rest…the whole pectin and jelling and all that rot? Not so much, as it turns out.

I chose two recipes because WHY NOT make it even MORE complicated on myself and went to work. Which I mean cutting 6 large lemons into teeny tiny slices and saving all the seeds and then soaking the whole lot in a bunch of water overnight.

I’ll be sharing the recipes on Food Lush this is mainly telling y’all about the experience.

So the next day we moved on to the actual jam making portion and well…this did not go as planned. In the end I dropped a jar as it was canning so the inner lid bent and that jar was sacrificed. I scorched the shit out of my fingers and generally wanted to give up on the whole damn thing BUT, I carried on and even went on to make the second batch which is made with actual bought pectin and everything.


I figured the seed pectin one would fail and the bought pectin one would win and it has turned out to be just the opposite, except for ONE FREAKING JAR of the seed pectin one. It’s still watery whereas all the rest set? I have no idea what that is about but since I have to cook down 8 jars of the other stuff AGAIN, I am just going to re-can that jar and the dropped jar (after I re-sterilize them of course) and see what happens.

I was the most excited for the bought pectin one because it’s SWEET! It has vanilla in it and the syrup tasted divine, I was essentially drinking the excess from a ladle over the pot…but the straight is good too, tart but not overly so because I added a hint of honey (RECIPE BREAKER) it reminds me a lot of the orange type you see in English teas so often.

If only bloggers lived here, I’d have you over for a brunch of blue soup, eggs, green gunge and marmalade.

*Thanks to Reading and Chickens for the Bridget Jones reference for my adventure

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