wys week #5 could there *BE* anymore outfits

So this week I went a little crazy with the outfits, especially on Saturday when I wore and posted THREE different outfits in one day. I blame it on the stupid Houston weather not letting me wear what I actually wanted to wear, coupled with muddy wet dogs destroying what I actually could wear.

Anyway a bunch of outfit pictures ahoy.

And here we come to Saturday and the multiple outfits. We also come to a Pinterest project completed (the heart-shaped elbow patches on an old grandpa cardigan)

what I wanted to wear

what the rainy cold weather determined I should wear

what I ultimately left the house in later in the day

I love how clearly this week shows just how schitzo the Houston weather is being since I went from skirts and sun dresses to jeans, sweaters, raincoats and wellies.

Things I wore this week that have never been worn: two. Things I wore that haven’t been worn in a while: four. Things I wore this week that are in my “favorites” category: four (my red raincoat, my brown boots, the brown dress and orange suede coat)

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