a creative leap

I’ve been taking pictures for a long time. Since high school, a long time, I’ve had all manner of film cameras, point and shoot cameras, a holga, pin-hole cameras (I made myself) and now DSLRs but I’ve never considered myself a professional. I’ve volunteered my time helping my sister’s class with my admittedly somewhat limited knowledge and balked whenever she referred to me as a professional.

I balk whenever anyone refers to me as a professional and of course, I would, because I’m not. Lately though, people have been very interested in the photos I have been posting, in buying prints of the photos I have been posting. Beyond that, I’ve had people interested in having me shoot them, which has happened before and which I’ve done. The difference being that people are wanting to pay me, instead of just ask me for a favor or what have you.

All this is some very long-winded back story to explain that the time had come to upgrade my little 2 yr old DSLR to something a little closer to “pro” without totally killing my non-existent budget for this sort of thing.

Yesterday I became the VERY PROUD owner of a brand new Canon EOS 7D and now I am the very confused and sometimes lost owner, haha. It’s a whole new world of complicated machinery and I have A LOT to learn but it already has produced some gorgeous pictures, just playing around in the yard and the house

Blood orange

Mayday says 'Sup

A rose going off it's bloom while a new one just begins

Maddie refusing pictures as per usual

FINE, fine. Take the picture.

My neighborhood...aka the bayou behind the house

so I’m excited to see where this next leap takes me and how my photography continues to evolve. I’m also hoping to sort out that whole “able to purchase prints” business so I’ll have a better answer for people than “Um?”

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