WYS week 4

This week was a lot of fun for me in “wear yo shit” land and I feel that I really hit my stride. I actually pre-planned (and got excited about) my outfits and even though I totally forgot to photograph one whole day (thanks for the migraines Houston) I still have had plenty to share.

I should point out that our weather has been unseasonably warm and we have moved from “Fall-ish” right into “Spring” so 70 to 80 degrees this week.


I liked this outfit so much, that I later played around with a nighttime look for it
3-1-12 Take 2

I dare you to not want a pair of pumpkin colored pants for yourself!

This outfit lasted about 10 minutes before I found out that my poor husband who had been working since 4 am was going to have to continue working and my Saturday was going to be reduced to taking Sprog to the mall, so I changed it to something a bit more casual

This week I wore two things that I had never worn. I wore two things that were many years old and hadn’t been worn in several years. I came up with a couple of looks for the same core items (white pants, olive cargos) and wore what I considered to be “work pants” (the pumpkin pants) in a casual manner to give me more use out of them.


Are you still playing along? Have you had any successes?

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