WYS week 3 and random other things

So for week three, I did a bit better. I broke out of my jeans and actually wore some dresses/skirts. I found even more clothes I could get rid of and I’m sure there’s still more lurking in there that can be done away with or accessorized differently.




I’ve also even “done” my hair a couple of times (as seen above in the jeans/white cardigan outfit) or when I used a vintage button in my pony tail instead of just a plain old pony tail. Most every day I try to do something. Of course there are days where I give up all together and throw on my husband’s Cocky T-shirt (with a pic of a Rooster on it, of course) and call it done.

In other news, I played around in the yard with my camera again doing the whole DIY macro technique and fell in love with some dandelion pics I caught

Playing around in my yard

Another view

Inside out

The first pic I am turning into a custom iPhone case for myself and the second one I had blown up to 20×30 and printed at mpix.com and am framing for the living room. I already have the print and the frame for it (frames were 40% off at Michael’s and I had a 25% off coupon which meant I got the frame for less than half the original cost) and am just waiting for my custom acid free mat to come in (even with the cost of the mat, I’m still under the original cost of the frame). My phone case is supposed to arrive today, I am super excited to receive it.

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