WYS week 2

We’re going to call this week a wash.

It’s rained or been foggy every other day this week which means I’ve had a headache EVERY day this week and as such, I’ve worn jeans and tennis shoes with my hair in some state of disaster pretty much every day. I did get dressed for Valentine’s day…in an outfit I’ve worn before

with these shoes

11/12/07 Red

and today I had a lovely breakfast with A’Dell so I sorta dressed for that.

(the best part of that outfit being my Great-Grandmother’s ring, of course)

but the reason I am not willing to call the whole week a fail is because I went through part of my closet and there is a HUGE pile of clothes ready to be carted off and donated, which was EASY. I also tried on some things and even though I LOVE them I was able to admit that they don’t fit they way they should (stupid broad shoulders) and that I need to just part with them already and they are going as well.

So I am still following through with my #WYS mission.

How are y’all doing? Are you wearing yo shit?

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