WYS week one

It’s Friday and I have gotten dressed every day this week. When I say dressed, I mean real clothes…even if the outfits weren’t all that dressy and were barely a step above yoga or pajama pants…and I am getting sick again so toward the end of this week I wore the same jeans multiple days or even got dressed for like 20 minutes, felt like I was about to crash and burn so I got undressed and then went back into a warmer hoodie and jeans ensemble. I’m still going to call it a success because for the first time I walked into my closet with IDEAS instead of complaints and loathing.

And it’s also a success because other people said they were inspired to join in, which is always awesome. As always there is a flickr pool so feel free to share your outfit photos so we all have inspiration!

This week I definitely stayed in my comfort zone of jeans + but I did get ideas about the skirts and dresses I wanted to be wearing…so maybe if I am not feeling too puny this weekend (and have some place to go) I’ll wear the outfits I have in my head.

You already saw the first day…so second day
I busted out this cropped, bow-tie, cardigan that I have had for probably 4 years and have never worn. I have thought about wearing it, I have put it on and taken it off many times over but have never actually gone through with wearing it, until now.

The third day
I wore this coat I bought for BlogHer ’08 and these lime green loafers.

The fourth day
I wore some brand new jeans (Levi’s) that I scored on sale for $12 and paired them with these old Mary Jane’s I’ve had for years. I pulled the color combo of my shirt and hoodie from the shoes and that’s how I went with a way old pale green scoop neck tee with the also way old coral hoodie.

The fifth day is when I started getting sick
So same exact pair of jeans a short-sleeved dolman sweater layered under a long-sleeved wrap cardigan that I got last year.

And finally today when I put together this
Super cute outfit of a couple years old navy blue skirt, many years old rust colored polk-dot tunic and year old flower cardigan with belt that is at least 5 years old and brand new birthday boots which lasted all of 20 minutes.

When I am feeling better, I definitely will be wearing that outfit again.

Are you doing WYS?

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