I recently put a call out on Twitter for the best place to get professional prints, after a couple of folks professed interest in owning a print of my work, and received more than one recommendation for

I was really happy with the ease of their website’s interface, the quickness with which my very large file size photos uploaded and their user friendly lay-out tools. I liked that I could control my crop depending on the size I ordered and could preview everything, change my mind and start again multiple times over with no issues whatsoever.

I ordered two prints, in the same exact size, one on each of their papers in order to best compare their offerings.

As it was my first time working with them, I didn’t opt out of their color correction processing because if I had, I would be unable to return the prints if I was unhappy with them once I received them and since it was my first time, I still wanted that fail-safe, in addition to just being curious about just how much they would change.

I received my prints today and they are both GORGEOUS. The color processing is a bit darker than my original photo (but not enough to be bothersome, although in the future I probably will opt out now that I’ve seen it for myself and verified that I like their papers and such) and though I figured it would be easy to choose which paper I preferred right off the bat, I think my choice of practice print is making it VERY difficult.

Inside a hollowed out tree

It looks great on the E-Surface paper because the matte surface allows you to concentrate on the texture of the tree and keeps the dark parts of the tree SUPER dark.

However, it also looks great on the Metallic paper because it actually looks like it’s carved into metal when the light catches it.

I’m in love with them both!

PS, I was in no way compensated for this review.

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