my february (and beyond) project

Jennie and Kristie are both doing “no shopping” project for the month of February. And of course Christina is doing her own large scale version of the “no shopping” thing and has been since last year.

Since I stay at home and have a teenager that eats ALL THE THINGS, I’ve already given up a lot when it comes to personal spending, just to keep us on budget from month to month. I’ve also purchased things like a Keurig which helps me save money by staying out of Starbucks as much as humanly possible.

When I recently went to Austin to have dinner with a bunch of awesome bloggers and hang out with some amazing little girls in a backyard/house I covet so hard, I decided that I was going to bring something from my closet that I haven’t worn and lo an idea was born.

I have probably 10 (if not more) items in my closet that have never been worn. I tend to get into a jeans + top + converse or TOMS rut when I’m not doing anything special and so there are things in my closet with tags on. There are also things in my closet that could be worn with my jeans + top (like CUTE SHOES) uniform and yet, I always grab for one of two pairs of chucks or my TOMS.

So I’ve decided to launch Project Wearyoshit.

I’m tackling re-organizing our closet so I can get a good idea what exactly I have, washing ALL THE LAUNDRY and getting rid of things that need to go. I’m also forcing myself to reach for a different pair of shoes or put on a dress instead of jeans or hell even dig out a different pair of jeans instead of my 3 favorite pairs. I am determined to stop wearing the same 5 outfits (interchangeable v-neck shirts + jeans + aforementioned shoe choice) all the time.

Yesterday I pulled on some jeans that I have maybe worn twice since I bought them several years ago, a cardigan that I have only worn once and my pumas from NYC when I was there with Kristie. I’ve asked for advice on Style Lush about a skirt I’m a little afraid of and will probably be taking things in to get them tailored or reworked into different items (I have a clearance dress I bought for $3 dollars because I LOVED the fabric and I want it made into a skirt instead) so there will probably be future posts involving those sorts of dilemmas/results.

I’m positive that I won’t stop shopping completely, because I feel that my shopping is already super low (for me) but I want to get more use out of what I have first and get rid of what is just adding clutter….which in the end will yield a similar result, I think.

I have a WYS (formerly known as the vanity resolution) flickrpool which will probably only get love on the days I actually get dressed and leave the house longer than to fetch Sprog from school but it’s there to help me see what my comfort zones are and try to break them.

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