past life eyes

In a past life, when I was young and first living in Texas, I spent my days schlepping make-up behind the Origins counter at Foley’s department store. It wasn’t a bad gig, really, I loved (and still do) Origins as a company and a product and people that bought that particular brand of make-up were of the least asshole-ish of those that shopped the cosmetics counters in Foley’s but MAN did working in cosmetics in a department store AT CHRISTMAS blow the nastiest and wartiest and smelliest of goats.

My favorite part of the job was the gratis. Not going to lie. My second favorite part of the job was playing with the make-up. I could give two shits about selling it, honestly, but color is something I am good at and I was willing to put it on anyone that asked, day or night. Of course, I was supposed to push them to buy it, but I just really enjoyed playing with it. So much so that during my down time I just made mock-ups of eyes.

We got these little eyeshadow diagrams that we were supposed to send home with makeover clientele to show them how we had done their make up but when I didn’t have anything better to do? I’d just sit there and play with unusual color combinations. I got started with it because I got asked so many times what I was wearing and frequently would have so many colors on that I would forget and feel like a jackass but, as time went on it just became my thing. Some of my customers started coming in just to see what outlandish color combinations I could make work and if I got something really out there to work on paper they would insist I put it on them and frequently buy the outcome. At training programs I got called out for being able to match skin tones without having to try them on people and for my eye diagram things.

Recently, Christina played around with green eye shadow and posted it on twitter and it reminded me how much fun I used to have with make-up. I’ve long since resorted to just wearing mascara, tinted moisturizer, blush and some gloss and calling it a day but because of that tweet? I actually did a full eye the other night for dinner and this morning I did a horrible eye diagram in photoshop for y’all (it’s much easier on paper with the actual shadow products)

Crappy lighting

I should call these my cammo eyes judging by the shades of greens and golds but in person it doesn’t look quite that crazy and everything is MUCH more blended.

Is this something y’all are interested in? I’d totally add a section to the blog with make-up tutorials or just eye mock-ups/pics if y’all are, um with better pics of course, just let me know.

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