scarf swap results show post 1

Even though I was lax about sending my scarves to my swap peeps, my peeps WERE ON THE BALL and not only sent my scarves out on time but they also included little bonuses, for my birthday, BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME!

This is just my initial post about the scarves I got with some fairly extreme close-up pics because I’m not feeling so great and every shot was marginally blurry if I tried to get everything in the frame, good times. I think the antibiotics didn’t kick my sinus infection all the way OR this wonk ass weather we’ve been having has riled up my allergies enough that I am threatening sinus infection part deaux. UGH.

Anyway, enough bitching, this is a happy post about happy things: CUTE SCARVES FROM LOVELY WOMEN!

From Tara
Scarf Swap 2012
Teal with pink birds! So cute!

And from Emiliy I received two

Scarf Swap 2012
Skulls! (bonus scarf)

Scarf Swap 2012

The second picture makes me laugh because the lighting is SO VERY OFF, I am in no way that tan. NO WAY. I seriously am one of the palest people I know, I practically glow from the pale and yet there I am looking all, days in Arizona. Haha.

I shared my photos in the Scarf Swap Flickr Pool, have you joined yet? Join! Share! Let us all see your new lovelies!

I hope everyone enjoyed the swap and that y’all will be back for the flip flop swap this June :-)

I’ll be back with another post in the future which will include info on my bonus items and better, full length pics.

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