37?! (in a row?)

As I mentioned, I turned 37 on Saturday and historically my birthday has not been good. There is usually a fair bit of drama or sickness that tends to happen on or around my birthday and this year was pretty much standard operating procedure what with the sinus infection and dental issues the weeks leading up to it. This year we opted to avoid some of the usual drama, however, and leave town to visit with some friends.

Kristie and her welsh boyfriend were going to be in Austin for the weekend so I decided I wanted to drive over and meet up with them for dinner/drinks and then drive back. Sure, it’s a lot of driving for a few hours but in our youth (HA HA) the hubs and I used to pop over to Austin for gigs and whatnot.

Friday Sprog went to hang with friends after school and then was incommunicado for 3 hours when he had made plans with Willy to go shopping for my birthday present which meant that our previous plan for him to head to the mall with friends and then spend the night while we were in Austin had to be scrapped. I don’t care that he hangs with friends as long as he STAYS IN CONTACT, else what is the point on him having a cell phone on which he is able to send over 7000 texts in a month? SEVEN THOUSAND!! So when he doesn’t stay in contact and check in, especially when his friends are people I don’t know and trust and I am going to be over 2 hours away? Boy gets sent to my sister. I guess that makes me an overbearing parent, but whatevs. I will not be the mother on the news that had “no idea” what her child was up to.

Anyway, so Saturday morning my lovely husband gave me these


and then went with me while I finally spent my Christmas cash shopping for some new clothes. I got some new skinny jeans, a new top (which I posted yesterday) as well as a new skirt, new belt and new navy flats. I tried to buy some jeggings but I just couldn’t do it. It felt as if my calves were being separated from my body. We then hopped in the car and headed for Austin and dinner at a darling restaurant with Kristie and Regan on South Congress. I WISH I lived closer to people and could just hang out with them whenever I wanted.

Us on 6th (snagged from Kristie)

After dinner some of us (Regan and her hubs bowed out) headed for a couple of drinks on 6th at a bar called Mooseknuckle (eww) and were reminded why we don’t go to 6th and also why we are OLD. Hello douchebags! When we got to the bar it was empty because no one goes out that early, read: before 10 pm. By the time we left (before midnight) it was wall to wall douchebags and half dressed girls dancing to rap music. The bar was showing football on large tvs when we got there, quite the switch.

The drive home was largely uneventful until about Brenham when we were treated to a drunk driving THE WRONG WAY on our side of the freeway IN THE LANE NEXT TO US. Even with our and the car next to us flashing the lights and honking horns, he/she kept right on going and even got into our lane after they passed us. WTF?! There is never a cop when you actually want one.

Sunday we grabbed my favorite cupcakes from Crave and then went to dinner with the fam before going back to their place to watch The Golden Globes. From them, I received the Cuisinart Griddler I have been coveting (which has already been used for burgers and last night when Sprog was taught to make pancakes from scratch) and a mix cd from my brother that I am too scared to listen to as well as my favorite candy from my nephew.

I also received some cash from my MIL which is always nice :-)

Scarf swap update tomorrow!

(Oh PS, I talked to Sprog about the whole “how I dress” concern and he said he would be embarrassed if I dressed like a mom. HAHA. He said that he wouldn’t claim me in public if I dressed any other way than how I do because he has a certain style and my style shouldn’t contradict that. INTERESTING.)

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