this wasn’t part of our deal 2012

2011 aka the year of suck 10th anniversary edition is OVER, HOORAY!

So that means, of course, that all the crap that kept continually going wrong last year is also OVER, HOORAY! Or not. After yesterday, it’s a definite OR NOT. But let me back up a moment and fill y’all in on how things were going before I get to that bit. I haven’t really been posting much or tweeting much or FB’ing nearly at all and the reason for all of this? I have been sick since Christmas. No voice for over a week (even with vocal rest that my dr commanded) due to a sinus infection and acute laryngitis. The first few days were spent freezing my ass off in a 60 degree house underneath a down comforter and being fully dressed. Awful. No sleep. Horrible head and throat pain. Side effects from the anti-biotics include trying not to vomit for at least an hour a day, for 10 days. I will be done with them on the 12th-two days before my 37th b-day.

Then a week ago I was eating a soft taco for dinner when one of my teeth BROKE IN HALF. Yes. Fortunately I felt it happen and didn’t end up swallowing the tooth shard and also fortunate that it didn’t hurt. Even during the whole week I had to wait for a dental appt, I experienced no tooth pain…but ate soft foods for several days and only on one side of my mouth.

Yesterday was the dental appt.

I walked in at 12 figuring that something was going to happen with the tooth but not exactly sure of what. I also walked in FREAKED OUT because I haven’t been to a dentist in a ridiculous amount of years. I hate the drill, I hate the after pain (I got fillings last time with a different dentist and they did such a horrible job I couldn’t eat on one side of my mouth FOR MONTHS) I hate it all.

I left yesterday after 2 pm. OVER TWO HOURS being drilled on, having my tooth FILED, having a post CEMENTED INTO MY HEAD, having a root canal, GETTING MY GUMS LASERED and finally a temporary crown inserted. It was like a horror movie come to life. Have you ever had to smell your own flesh burning? OMG. The dentist was concerned at the amount my gums had grown into my tooth in the week since it broke and told me that she might have to cut that back. She also told me that it would be hugely sensitive and most likely painful even though I didn’t have any pain prior to walking in there so she shot me FULL UP on novocaine. 4 full syringes worth, I was numb TO MY EYE and yet I could still feel some of the gum work, they were that sensitive.

After all that work? I was given NO MEDS to manage pain. She told me to load up on Advil as soon as I got home and not wait for the pain to actually kick all the way in as by then it would be too late. Fortunately for me, I had some 800 mg motrin at home but even with that, I still feel my gums THROBBING in my head. My mouth was hugely swollen until almost 8 last night and even this morning my gums are still throbbing and swollen and tender.


Oh and I have a freaking colonoscopy scheduled for the 17th but you can’t have taken any pain meds for 5 days prior which would be the 12th. I HIGHLY DOUBT my face is going to stop hurting in two days.

$500 with insurance (have to meet this year’s deductible)


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