it’s time for another scarf swap!

Now that we are done with Christmas (this may be a good thing or bad thing depending on how yours went down) it’s scarf swap time! For those that haven’t joined us before, essentially it boils down to this: for the past three years (this is year three) now, I have been hosting a scarf swap in honor of my birthday, so a bunch of people all get to open presents, instead of just me and given the time of year, what better than a pretty scarf? Past posts for more information can all be found here, here, here, and here I’ve also started hosting a flip flop swap in June (in honor of my wedding anniversary) but we aren’t here to talk about that one right now.

So onward with logistics!

There are three ways you can enter the swap
Email me-my e-mail address is located under the contact me category
Comment on this post
Tweet me

You do not have to be a blogger to participate! I just have to have an e-mail address and a physical address so your swap partner has 1) a way to communicate with you and 2) a way to get your scarf to you.

You have until SATURDAY DECEMBER 31st to enter. Matches will be sent SUNDAY JANUARY 1st and scarves should be in the mail by MONDAY JANUARY 16th

A note on the shipping date on the scarves, this is a guideline date, if you want to send it earlier? That’s obviously cool. If you want to send it later? Just discuss it with your swap partner so that they know they haven’t been forgotten or anything.

If you have any specific color aversions, preferences, fabric allergies or anything of that sort, please include them in your comment, tweet or e-mail! It just helps your swap partner pick something that you’ll love. You can also discuss any of that in your introduction e-mails with your swap partner or any other communication, just make sure it happens (if you have those preferences that is) I want to make sure you get the most out of this experience!

This year I’m going to create a flickr photo pool to make it easier for everyone to add photos (if they choose) and I’ll also create a results post with links to any posts y’all do about your scarves (just send me the links or comment on this or any scarf swap post with them)

I think that covers everything! I am so excited! I started a Pinterest scarf swap board a while back and my fingers are itching to pull up my spreadsheet and start getting some lists going!

Oh, we’ve been keeping the pricing at around $20-25 dollars the past few years so I guess we’re sticking there.

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