in the baking spirit

Yesterday we made time to do our annual baking and decorating of Christmas cookies with the fam.

We went over to mom’s armed with a bag of cookie cutters (thanks for the snowflakes Alice!) decorative sugars, sprinkles, sugar cookie dough, Santa hats and reindeer antlers and I proceeded to roll out and cut many trays of cookies. Connor cut out one tray of cookies but everyone else mainly waited for the decorating bit of the program.

Sprog looks so thrilled to be wearing this thing, does he not? He did amazing with his cookies though! Kid’s got a real talent for cookie decorating.


Course, he took his seriously and didn’t do things like putting dead eyes on Santa…or worse.

Like the shit cookie my bro made. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Connor went the route of putting all the shit on the cookie. He of course couldn’t finish it.

My sister, twisted in her own way, posted this on FB with the caption “candy cane, or?”
She also got my brother while he was passed out in a chair in the living room
and posted it on FB too. HAHA.

One of the best parts of cookie decorating for me is that we leave them all at mom’s and that I am never even tempted to eat any so I don’t feel like crap later with a sour over sugared tum, I just have fun with the decorating :-)

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