the year of suck: 10th anniversary edition

I mentioned that shit has been breaking around here. I’ve mentioned the poor sick lizard. If you follow me on twitter or FB you know that Sprog wrecked my car (Penny and Blondie, Sprog wrecked my car)


and I briefly mentioned my sister’s health scare in one of those other posts but I realized a little bit ago that this year is the 10th anniversary of the year of suck and it all became clear.

The reason that not only is the lizard not better but that she had to be saved from choking to death yesterday while I fed her baby food that I have to custom make and hand feed to her during her 20 minute long soak in a bath where she refuses to hold up her own body weight. $311 for vet bills with no real idea what is wrong with her, other than the fact that she’s 18 years old and probably going to pass from kidney failure regardless.

The reason that in addition to all that other broken shit, our water main broke on a day that I was in bed with a raging migraine and answered the door to the poor plumber (called by the neighbor) in my bathrobe. $1149 and an entire day later we had water again.

The reason that while I am trying to recuperate from the accident with horrible whiplash, the medications gave me horrible diarrhea which was then topped by my dog tripping me in the dark and causing me to not only fall into my nightstand and give myself a lovely new bruise but to actually make my neck and shoulder worse as I was flailing blindly in the dark trying to catch myself.

The reason that the dealership has had my car since Wednesday and I only just got a call this morning because my discontinued car is rather hard to locate parts for, including my flames which the parts guy had NEVER HEARD OF OR SEEN in his 14 years with Chrysler. The flames are an OEM edition. IT CAME FROM CHRYSLER THAT WAY. *sigh*

The reason that we still don’t have a back fence because the “utility” vehicle in which we need to haul the posts? MY CAR.

The reason that my glasses were lost for over a week with two of us looking for them and then they magically appeared just SITTING OUT IN THE FUCKING OPEN where we had both looked many times. They weren’t underneath anything. They hadn’t fallen behind anything.

The reason that I had the weird fucking prednisone reaction that sent me to the ER.

The reason for the horrible, awful, no good summer with the endless drought.

The reason for the dishwasher debacle.

The reason for family members ignoring my child’s birthday AGAIN.

The reason for the weirdness re: my father.

The reason for my blog being hacked.

And everything else that has gone on, is going on and continues to upset me but that I don’t talk about here.

I’ll just be hiding in the corner rocking myself and humming until the rest of this year is OVER and *knocks on wood* the universe decides to stop fucking with me like a cat playing with their wounded prey. We are entering my LEAST FAVORITE time of year and the drama is showing no signs of letting up.

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