day of the dead

If you follow me on twitter or FB, you’ve already seen our costumes for this year but allow me to elaborate on what we did and how we did it a little bit.

First, let’s talk about Sprog.

Deadmau5 costume

Sprog was Deadmau5 for Halloween. Originally he was going to be the LMFAO robot dude from their videos but he changed his mind and opted for this instead. He and Willy made the head from scratch following a tutorial they found on the internet and I’ll have you know that’s a 13 inch hamster ball my child’s head is inside. Of course it’s a bunch of other crap too and I got involved as well (some Just Expressive materials were sacrificed to make the mouth) but for the greatest majority of it, it was all them. I am so happy it turned out so well. They did an awesome job!!

Deadmau5 texting his new girl

He spent a lot of time during the night doing this (he has yet ANOTHER new girlfriend. holy gods) but he also mounted headphones inside the head facing out so he played music and swayed along as he was walking too. Pretty cool.

Willy and I originally planned to be something else but as crap kept going wrong around here, I had to scrap our original plan and then had no idea what we were going to do. Ever since going to Austin for The Blathering, I have been obsessed with The Day Of The Dead folks I saw on 6th that night and decided that somehow I was going to incorporate it into this weekend. I originally thought I would do it for Ren Fest on Sunday but scrapped that plan in favor of Wills and I being a DotD Bride and Groom for Halloween

Bride and Groom

Everything except for the make-up and the colored flowers was already owned or borrowed (we had to ask mom for the ribbon for his skinny tie) All of my outfit is stuff I already had, including the white flowered headpiece which came from Ren Fest 13 years ago. I bought 3 dollars worth of flowers at the 99 cent store and hot glued them onto it.

The make-up is where I really invested the most time and thought. As you can see in Willy’s (above) I went very simple and masculine. I also did it on the fly with no pre-planning when he got home from work. I watched one tutorial for male DotD make-up and that’s where the idea for the top part came from (even though mine is a bit different) but other than that it was all about what I could get done really quickly AND what happened when he moved while I was putting it on his face.

Make-up close up

My make-up I actually did a trial run for but the boys thought the first white stick I bought wasn’t white enough (I wasn’t even going to bother with grease paint given how easily I break out so everything I have on is “real” make-up) so I ran to Ulta and was able to get one I saw recommended in several other tutorials. Otherwise it looks completely different than what I did the first time I played around. One tutorial I saw used a rose stencil on her face which gave me the idea to use lace. That’s what is at my forehead and chin area and I love how it turned out. Other than the lace, everything else was done free-hand and is a combination of eye-shadow, eye-liner, liquid eye-liner and gel eye-liner.

When we got to my mom’s house, people thought we were zombies? I dunno. So everyone was talking and in a big uproar about it and some dude whipped out his iPad and made me take a picture. Later another dude snagged a pic from his from yard. Sprog was THRILLED that people knew who he was. I also totally made a wee child burst in to screamy tears pointing at me even though I saw it coming and tried to turn around before it happened.

We were running super late getting to mom’s so we didn’t have time to stop for food. We ended up running to Schlotsky’s after trick or treating (fave Halloween house let us down for the second year in a row, MAJOR BUMMER) but then had to rush off to take a key to some friends that had locked themselves out of their house. Once home? That’s when the real trick happened. My husband inadvertently locked our black lab in the office. So she retaliated by pissing and shitting on the floor, trying to break into the iguana’s cage (thank god the dog is currently in a cone of shame or very bad things would’ve happened there) and generally destroying everything in her path. She then proceeded to walk through fresh shit in the yard and TRACK IT ALL OVER my newly mopped kitchen and laminate floors. I was cleaning up shit for almost 2 hours after we got home last night. Not happy making, not happy making AT ALL. And it’s like, I would think that I got every fucking paw print and yet another one would suddenly appear. PHANTOM PAW PRINTS OF SHIT all over my house. I don’t even know how she could get them everywhere that she did.

I would like a Halloween do over please. It’s the ONE HOLIDAY I wait for every year!

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