shit breaks

Isn’t that a lovely title? I so love to mince words.

In the past….2-3 weeks or so we’ve

Lost our back fence in a storm
-Had half the plugs in the house went out in the same storm (but I figured that one out myself)
-Paid close to $700 in a/c repairs after it stopped working
-Had our lawn mower die on us (cracked gas tank)
-My USB port on my very expensive Canon camera no longer works
-Sprog’s cell phone no longer shows a screen but he isn’t eligible until 2012 for an upgrade
-I somehow lost the battery charger for my Canon and had to replace it
-My car is once again vibrating if you go over 50. Who doesn’t go over 50? Last time it did this the caliper pretty much fell off in Willy’s hand when he took my tire off. *sigh*
-The power auger we rented to make post hole digging easier on Willy not only leaked gasoline all over my car but turned out to be a waste of the rental fee because of all the tree roots so Willy is having to dig all the holes by hand anyway.
-The antibiotic they gave me to treat my sinus infection gives me HORRIBLE headaches. HORRIBLE.

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