I fully admit to being Pinterest addicted. I am either on the app on my phone or on the website at home but for as much as I’m on it, I’m also getting project ideas and then getting them done. I love crafting, as evidenced by the Etsy shop, and having a place to get all new inspiration is awesome for me.

Take for example these bracelets from Delighted Momma.

I am not sure when I saw them on Pinterest (or even where, sometimes I tend to fall down a rabbit hole) but I know it was within the last day or two and yet here I am today turning some ridiculously cheap bangles into something cute.

I didn’t have hemp cord lying around but I usually have embroidery thread so I used that instead.

The first one I did similar to hers with just wrapping the thread around the bangle

And then I drew upon my past of making friendship bracelets and hemp necklaces and switched it up a bit

The yellow and orange one is made in the hemp necklace method and midway through I flipped the primary color.

The red one is called a “Chinese Ladder” technique from making friendship bracelets and it’s still in process so you can get another glimpse of the MEGA cheapie bracelet that is going on underneath there. I still have two more bracelets left to cover and decide what I want to do with them but they turned out so cute!

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