I love spray paint

I bought a pair of lamps at TJ Maxx many, many moons ago and have never done anything with them other than plunk them down on a flat surface and turn them on (and off of course, must save energy!). One of the bases started to crack about a year or so ago, you have to love humidity and its effects on wood, so I just painted over the gap and turned that ugly bit to the wall and went on with my life.

When my husband and I re-organized the office so I would have a dedicated work space for the shop, I decided it was time to do something more with that particular lamp.

Lamp 1 of the pair, the one that is still this way.
(This isn’t the cracked lamp, but the other of the pair that is still original)

I knew I was going to paint it and during a shopping trip to Home Depot, I grabbed a deep turquoise/peacock blue spray paint. I repaired the crack with wood putty. I figured that would be about it for the lamp until I found a new shade on clearance at Target for $13.

Now the lamp looks like this

Lamp 2 of the pair after paint and new shade (light on)
Light on
Lamp two (light off)
Light off

Christina has the same shade and has had it on a red base and now on a yellow base. I love that it’s so versatile!

Oh and you may notice on the original lamp it has a different style of shade which is held on by a little ball at the top? All I did to convert the lamp is remove the ball, the shade and then the harp that was holding it up. It’s very simple, the harp just pops right out of the slots on either side of the socket.

The whole project cost under $20 for the shade and the spray paint, I already had the wood putty and sand paper.

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