hitting the bricks

One of the things about this house, that has always bothered me, is the fireplace. It’s off center (as is everything else) it has some messed up “detail” in the front that I’m sure was supposed to be hip in the 80’s but to me just looks like hillbilly teeth badly in need of braces and has a super odd mantle that seems to have been just slapped on there to compensate for possibly running out of brick. Plus, it was made of the exact same brick as the outside of the house so the word Mexico is randomly stamped in some of them AND it’s like they used all the ones that were just too effed up and damaged to have on the outside of the house on the inside.

Wall before
See? It’s ugly! It’s ORANGE and mottled white in places. It’s WAY TOO CLOSE to that oddly placed window, the mantle is just weird. UGH.

Before I got a wild hair (thanks to Pinterest-I swear, it’s both a time suck and a total motivator) it looked like this

At first I decided to try white washing. I figured half of the bricks already had a bunch of white crap on them anyway, maybe it would look not so bad and save me a bit of work. That turned out like this

Which didn’t feel quite right to me and the husband admitted he thought looked pink. Once he said the words, I had flash backs of living in Az with all the pink washed furniture in the southwest style and OMG NO.

So another few hours of hand-cramping painting with two different sized brushes and now it looks like this

I still need to do something about that mantle, most likely adding some trim pieces to make it look less like some slabs of plywood, but at least the orange is gone and I hope it looks somewhat better.

And even though that “detail” looks even MORE like teeth now that it’s white, it’s like muppet teeth, like Dr. Teeth, right? RIGHT? Please FTLOG tell me it’s not still screaming hillbilly teeth.

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