and I’m back in the game!

Not sure if it showed up to all of y’all or not, but Just Expressive was down for a couple of days while my wonderful husband sorted the damage done to my site by some hackers. Isn’t that lovely? Apparently being called something shitty in comments by an internet troll, Russian spam or people from your past finding your blog doesn’t mean you’ve made it to the “big time”, being hacked does. *sigh* I think it’s funny that I don’t get money or fame once I get on someone’s radar, I get hacked instead. Perhaps I should don a mustache ala John Hodgeman on The Daily Show?

Anyway! On to bigger and (hopefully) better things!

The Flip Flop Swap is finally going to get underway!

Sign-ups are open starting today. Everyone that is interested in joining needs to let me know by July 1st. I’ll get everyone their match by that Tuesday July 5th (because of the holiday weekend) and all flip flops need to be shipped by July 15th. You have the ten days in between to contact your matches, get shipping addresses and color preferences and all that.

If you’ve never been involved in one of my swaps before, the scarf swap should give you an idea. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

The only remaining issue is the price limit. My inclination is to forgo the $1-3 flip flops at Old Navy for this sort of thing, I feel like they should be something slightly more special. What say y’all?

Oh and sign-ups are open to everyone, come one come all! Blogs are not required, I just need e-mail addresses!

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