ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny

I collect souvenir smashed pennies, whenever I can find a machine, as my take home souvenir of our travels. I rarely buy any t-shirts or anything else for that matter, save for the occasional post card, but smashed pennies have always been a love of mine, I guess it harkens back to when I was young and went to Disneyland for the first time.

Anyway, the other day I got a wild hair that I needed to do something with them ASAP, that keeping in the little witch bowl I had been storing them in was no longer acceptable and that is how this addition to our gallery wall came to be. It’s also how I discovered that I’ve lost our Grand Canyon pennies which really bothers me and also proves my point about the storage solution being less than ideal. *sigh*

I started with an old frame that had been chucked out to the garage until I could figure out what I wanted to put into it. Conveniently, it was already divided like this, so I just needed to select the 9 pennies I would want to use.
From there, I grabbed a T-shirt out of the “work shirts” drawer (work shirts here being house chores and projects, of which we have FAR TOO MANY) cut it to the size of the cardboard insert in the frame, attached it with spray adhesive and duct tape on the back side to allow for cleanly folded edges.

For each penny, I made a half-inch date/location strip consisting of scrapbook border paper cut on the edges with scrapbooking scissors and ultra fine tipped sharpie.
I can’t even tell you how excited I am that Command Strips come in black now. Since I use black frames in my gallery wall, it’s always bugged me that some of them are held up with white strips. Will be changing those over in the future.
They are insanely easy to use and since I already have stuff on my wall, it prevents things falling on me when I try to hammer up something new.
Here is the wall as it stands today with the new projects (this one, the silhouette of Sprog, a hammer spray painted butterfly and a cute witch themed plaque from my sister which I added the other day)
I love it!

*title from a Yeats poem that I saw in the movie Must Love Dogs

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