wherein I spent my night in the ER, the expanded from Twitter edition

Those of you that follow me on twitter already know my plight but 140 characters and a dying battery really make it hard to fully explain the situation. Plus not everyone that reads me here follows me on twitter (or is even on twitter -blondie, -penny) so this is for y’all.

Saturday I woke up with a swollen painful face. I thought it was a reaction from trying a new Neti-pot. I reasoned that there must be some latex in the plastic and that my face was freaking out, because it was THE ONLY new thing that had been introduced into my 2 week long progression of sinus infection medications.

I gave up my run to Costco in favor of tossing on a maxi dress (oh the Cipro anti-biotic has rendered my skin as effective as cellophane and I got a SUNBURN driving in my CAR) slathering on SPF 100 and downing a benedryl in preparation for the nephew’s b-day crawfish boil that afternoon. (YEAH because nothing says love like continuing to throw parties where it might kill a member of the family) The swelling in my face never went down. Willy and I took Sprog to his preferred mall later that evening and dropped him off with his friends, had dinner at Cheesecake factory and then headed back home, where Willy installed my new dishwasher, (the dishwasher the installation crew refused to install) and the swelling still never went down. I slammed 2 more benedryl (oh and of course the rest of my meds) and went to bed.

I woke up Sunday morning with my ever present butter face and that’s when I thought it might be something other than the neti…something maybe caused by a med. Yes! PREDNISONE. PREDNISONE MOON FACE. Oh fucking joy.

So Sunday I slap on more SPF 100, another maxi dress and we head out to watch two of our nephews hunt Easter eggs and give them their Easter gifts. Still swollen. Now with added pressure.

Sunday night was hell. I mean HELL. I started with heartburn that felt like someone was trying to blowtorch directly through my sternum and it wouldn’t go away. I was up all night. And when I say ALL NIGHT I mean it. I went to bed at 7 am Monday morning. I fitfully slept for 2 hours before waking up with some mildly tingling in my face. I ignored it.

I went along the day, doing house chores and wanting to cry because the heartburn was this constant burny fire in my chest alllllllll day and then in the afternoon, my arms started hurting and going numb. My face started tingling and my chest got REALLY tight. I called the on-call for my ENT and she told me that if it was getting progressively worse that she would just go ahead and go to the ER and off we went.

By the time we saw the triage…my mouth and neck were completely numb and tingly, spasmodic and warm to the touch. My blood pressure was the highest it’s ever been in my life. As we waited, the numbness and tingling began to spread across my face and into my right eye socket, my eye-ball and lid would tingle and then spasm. My scalp was tingling.

They had no idea what the hell was wrong with me. They were going with it MOST LIKELY being the prednisone but since I am on step down (it was my first day on a half dose) it was weird that I would react so violently. Also given family history of stroke and heart failure and my own history of migraines, they wanted everything checked thoroughly. So CAT Scan, urine and blood work all get done. Then some doctor comes in and tells me all my tests are fine but GUESS WHAT HE CAN’T TELL ME? Yeah, they “guess” that it’s a reaction localized to the prednisone and that they are going to give me a muscle relaxer to try and tone my body down. They also are going to have me stop taking it and let my system flush the shit out.

Then I get my paperwork and on it is a diagnosis of Neuropathy. Do you know what that is? Nerve damage. So that’s neat. I have to follow up with my regular DR(s) this week and we’ll talk more about the Neuropathy and what has to happen now (testing, meds, etc)

All I know is that I will never in my life touch Prednisone again. That is some EVIL SHIT right there. It’s like a character from Bufffy that casts its spell from the back of a seemingly innocuous classroom. Everything seems normal on the surface and then BLAMMO she’s making your face swell up and your hands stop working just so she can snag your spot on the cheerleading team.

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