something deadly this way comes

My sister is a teacher…in Texas…where our Governor apparently feels that education is less important than leaving our HUGE rainy day fund alone. I don’t tend to get political on my blog and I’m not really going to now but suffice it to say that being a mother, to a kid that isn’t getting the same education that I got, and being a sister to a teacher that teaches BY CHOICE in one of the poorest districts we have around…I get irritated. Just a wee bit.

I also try to help her however I can. I’ve graded projects, papers, I’ve helped her get materials. I volunteer on a consistent basis to get her kids into using digital photography in their science class. I have gone up after school and worked with a group of kids on whatever little POS point-and-shoot cameras they had (and what few me and my sister scrounged- 15 kids sharing 5 cameras? NOT IDEAL) and took pictures for a digital photography category in science fair. Her kids took 2nd and 3rd!! I couldn’t be more proud. (I think someone also got an honorable mention and she got a banner for her school) A few weekends ago a small group showed up early on a Saturday morning for a nature walk in a park to work on a digital scavenger hunt and photo contest (the park is holding the contest, the hunt is for class) and I went to help the kids with their pictures and spot the items they needed.

Now, I know my Arizona wildlife. I know my Arizona Desert Biology (even took it as a class in high school natch) what I don’t know is Texas wildlife. The great outdoors of Texas hates me and the feeling is MOST DEFINITELY MUTUAL so when I saw a snake along the path sunning itself, I naturally pointed it out and we started to take pics. I bade the boys back to a reasonable distance, prevented them from poking at it with sticks (WHAT THE HELL CHILDREN?) and kept my ADHD nephew (7 yrs old by the way) in line of specific spots by planting foot prints in the brush that he couldn’t pass. The snake got agitated as the boys got rowdy so I tossed them out several times and even though it struck out, it was coiled on viney branch thing so it didn’t actually get close but hey, what do you know? That snake was deadly poisonous.

This is a Copperhead, in case you ever happen to be wandering around in Texas. Babies are THE MOST venomous but the big guys are no laughing matter. Be careful! (excuse the screen-grab of my pic, I was too lazy to do a proper export)

This is where the “The More You Know” flashes across the screen


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