{30 in 30} Your Favorite Teacher

This one is hard, I was extremely lucky to have a lot of AWESOME teachers growing up and going through school.

All of my favorite teachers have been males (interesting).

Mr. Wilson: Drama-8th grade. This was the height of the second custody battle of my parents, the one where I had to testify against my father, the one where I missed a lot of school and someone saw on my pass that I was out for court. There were rumors about what was “wrong” with me, what I had done to end up in court and he pulled me out of class one day to find out if I was doing okay and what was really going on…then he quietly pulled the two biggest gossip mongers aside and told them to shut their damn yaps. LOVE.

Mr. Z: English-7th or 8th grade. Honestly I’m not sure but the court battle started when I was 14 (the second one) so it could’ve been either. He was quirky and fun and told stupid jokes about kicks being for trids. He was understanding about my situation when I suddenly failed his class and called my mother (I didn’t tell anyone what was going on) had a conference with me and allowed me to make up all of my work if I really cared about passing. I did. He also got busted for dating an underage girl (she was in a bar, I’m not sure how he was supposed to know) and had to leave teaching in the states over the scandal.

Mr. Wiley: Biology 10th grade, Desert Biology 12th grade. Mr. Wiley is actually Dr Wiley but he got irritated if anyone ever called him that. He would save up all of his sick days, coming to class sick as a damn dog so he could bail on a large majority of the spring and go white water rafting or baja racing. We were allowed to bring our charges (the various desert animals we took care of) to class with us whenever we wanted and have them on our desks during tests. We watched moto climbing videos in class (where they climb rocky outcroppings with motorcycles) because we would have to identify the plant life as they passed it.

Mr. Howell: History 11th grade. Mr. Howell wore the most god-awful ties in the history of mankind. It became his signature and students would bring him new horrid ties to wear every year. He helped me learn to take copious and complete notes and because of them I ended up with a 104% in his class. He also suffered from migraines so one day when I went head down on my desk due to a flickering fluorescent light, he got up on a chair and unplugged it all while never stopping his lecture. He never explained what he was doing but winked at me when I picked my head back up.

Mr. Schlemmer: Criminology 12th grade. Mr. Schlemmer still had a mullet in 1993. He wore green converse EVERY DAY and when he found out that his color was being discontinued, he implored students to be on the look out for them. He wore political buttons on his sport coat and engaged us in political debates and discussions on the course of law. We did mock trials, we talked a lot and when I went back to visit him a few years after graduating, his class had so many freaks in it (green spiked mohawks, nose piercings, tattoos, weird clothes) you would’ve thought it was an art or drama class. He was cool…like Johnny from WKRP.

In Elementary School it wasn’t so much a specific teacher as the overall program. I LOVED going to school every day. I loved all the cool stuff my class did that other classes didn’t do. Since I was in the ALP/ELP program, we had a totally different and special curriculum that included marine biology, the renaissance/medieval period and tons of puzzles/brain teasers/logic problems. I loved having all the same kids (pretty much) from year to year.

I say it constantly but it saddens me that Sprog couldn’t have experienced school the way I did, I think he wouldn’t hate it as much as he does now and I wouldn’t be constantly battling him to give two shits about it.

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