{30 in 30} what’s in a name

I’ve had this blog for what…4 years now? Man. That doesn’t seem right but I’m pretty sure my first post here was back in 2007. Technically I think it was August 2007 so it’s more like just over 3 years but whatever. I was originally spewing my thoughts all over myspace (UGH) and got fed up with various issues and after Jennie jumped ship, I decided it sounded like a great idea. I already had this domain name because I thought I was going to use it for a handmade card business and I thought that was a cute catchy name for cards…you know…Just Express-ing yourself…so the place you got them would be Just Expressive. *shrug*

In the beginning of the blog it was subtitled The Diary of Bess which is what my dad’s (my real father here) girlfriend (the serious one that stuck around for almost 4 years) called me but one day I decided to change my theme and that dropped off and I just stuck with the main title.

Just Expressive is now my Etsy shop name, my twitter handle and some other things online. It’s a lot easier name to get, usually, than my other online moniker because there aren’t a lot of little gothlings running around trying to snatch it up. I like it, it fits. I am Just Expressive. No matter what creative outlet I into at the moment, I am always going to be expressing something.

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