{30 in 30} fifteen little things

I am going to attempt to list 15 things about myself. I always struggle with bios, “about me”s and lists like these so we’ll see how it goes.

1. I had my first migraine at 12 years old
2. I was born with red hair
3. I lived in Mesa, Az until the morning after I graduated high school
4. I coached a swim team of 8 yrs old and under children
5. I often find bruises that I have no idea how I got
6. I am a majah weepah (said in my best Jude Law voice) and hate things that make me cry so I try to avoid them, which means I haven’t seen a lot of movies.
7. I used to be such an avid reader growing up that I had a limit of how many books I could have at one time.
8. I was given my own gun at 12 years old
9. My favorite candy is hot tamales
10. I was baptized Presbyterian but I have only been into a Presbyterian church twice in my life: once to be baptized and once when my mother married my step-father
11. I used to be a major sleep-walker and when I get really stressed I still do. I have woken up in various places including: the refrigerator and was also found in the back of my neighbors car.
12. My artistic endeavors in school included: tap-dancing, choir, cello and photography
13. The only bone I have ever broken (now knocking on wood) is my ass
14. Nag Champa is my favorite incense and burning it instantly calms me down if I am in a pissy mood
15. Pets I’ve had in my lifetime: dogs, one cat, bunnies, praying mantis, snake, iguana, rats, mice, parakeet, koi fish and beta fish

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