{30 in 30} a twofer

I am combining #17 and #26 in this post. I’ve also posted this picture before so if you’ve seen it, I apologize. I have a case of the lazies and a case of the I don’t really have a lot of pictures of my childhood so you work with what you can….

Collage of hair over the years

So the bottom left two pictures is me ten-ish years ago. Technically it’s more like 9 11-12 (don’t do math on no sleep my friends) since i just turned 36 and I am 14-15 in those pics but that’s as close as I have.

and my worst hair moment actually happened when I was 11 and got my hair all chopped off the first time, i had feathered short hair and looked EXACTLY like my little brother, but there is no photographic evidence of that so we’ll go with the orange roots and brown hair up there at the top as the second worst.

NOTE: So it was brought to my attention that 10 years ago I would’ve been TWENTY SIX not SIXTEEN, hello. I meant it when I said I shouldn’t do math on a lack of sleep. OY. Anyway. Here is a picture of me at 26 and another at 24.

There are like NO pics of me when Sprog was young so this is all I could come up with until I was like 27 and older.

Jess Princess Party age 26
26 years old. I had a PRINCESS POWER PUFF GIRLS PARTY. It was my birthday and I absolutely didn’t want a party because that meant I would be cooking and cleaning and I was super sick with the endometriosis then but my son’s father (we were married at the time) told people we were having one so I decided to have the foofiest girliest party I could come up with and wore a tiara, a feather boa and everything was pink and purple. It was my “6th” birthday (a friend I combined it with was turning 25 so it was her 5th) and we got toys as gifts. I got a pink hula hoop. Yes, my hair is auburn in this pic.

Jess Tractor after Mardi Gras age 24
This is me at 24 after Mardi Gras in Baton Rouge where I was actually on a float in a parade. We were in the Moo Krewe.

Please to notice the fake ass smile in both pics.

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