{30 in 30} something I refuse to do

I wish I was the sort of person who had such a small list of things I won’t do that this choice would be really easy but I can admit to having QUITE A FEW things I refuse to do.

Most of the things I won’t do are things that I have done at least once and had such a bad experience with that I won’t do it in the future.

Like mowing the grass, in Houston, for example. Back home in Arizona it was one of my regular chores and is something I would do all the time but here, I have mowed the grass twice I think (once at the rent house, once at this house) and almost died both times. My allergies are so horrible here that I almost instantly have an asthma attack, it sucks.

Or running, as in serious runner, see the above reaction.

I think most people wouldn’t scoff at things like that, but I sometimes get quite a bit of flack for the fact that I don’t speak to either of my parents (and won’t barring some incredible life change) and haven’t for some 13 years (longer in the case of my father) both of my parents are drug addicts/alcoholics and when I had my son, I decided that he wasn’t going to suffer EVER because of their illnesses.

My father was never an option of being in his life, but my mother…I gave her chances. I gave her access to him and regretted it. She was removed from his life before he ever really knew who she was or she had an actual effect on him.

Most people understand my decision once they know the whole story…but in the beginning I always get the boggled eyes, the shocked face and the inevitable “But it’s your FAMILY” comment.

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