you know I love a bandwagon

Have you heard about the 30 in 30 thing?

Essentially it’s a list of writing prompts that you would do in 30 days.

Here are the topics for the 30 blogs posts:

1. Your work space.
2. The best part of your day.
3. Something you refuse to do.
4. Last book you read.
5. Meaning behind your blog name.
6. Talent y0u wish you had.
7. A photo of you without makeup.
8. Last item you purchased.
9. Something that makes you sad.
10. 15 Facts about you.
11. Your favorite thing right now.
12. Best Christmas present you ever got.
13. Your favorite teacher.
14. Something you’re thankful for.
15. A photo from your childhood.
16. Something you crave.
17. Your worst hair moment (if you skip this one, it’s totally cool).
18. Favorite smells.
19. Last time you cried.
20. Last time you had to apologize to someone.
21. Something that scares you.
22. Something that really bugs you.
23. What you dislike most about your appearance.
24. Celebrity crush.
25. A trait you deplore in others.
26. A photo taken 10 years ago.
27. First book/movie/song that moved you.
28. What turns you off?
29. The story behind one of your scars.
30. This one was left blank so I will have to think of it when I get to it, unless anyone has a suggestion.

Sensibly Sassy is the person that turned me on to this, and I have been enjoying her posts as well as Maura’s and Home Sweet Sarah’s so I figured I would join in the fun.

I’ll be starting this tomorrow!

Is there one that you’d like to see first?

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